Authentic Cultural Experience

Our cultural tours offer you the opportunity to discover the real indigenous people  in particular and

African people in general. Our tours are not contrived affairs staged for the benefit of tourists.


With more than 127 tribes, Tanzania is much more than just a safari destination. The local culture and people of this country make for a wonderfully enriching experience to remember. Walking through the fishing village, ,Usambara mountain ranges, or exploring the foothills of Mt. Meru and Kilimanjaro with our knowledgeable local guides,  will allows you to meet and interact with its residents and get a real feel of the heartbeat of an authentic African village.


If you are interested in meeting members of the legendary Maasai people, we can arrange for you to go walking with them. You will hear their stories firsthand and learn about the inspirational way of life and history of these proud warriors and cattle herders.


We also arrange school tours where our clients can visit local schools supported by Everlasting Tanzania Travels, optionally you can plant trees  and donated some much needed school supplies.


Many of the cultural programs in Tanzania are run by the local villages in conjunction with the Netherlands Development Organization (SVP), which serves to assist the local people with village development and conservation projects. Your visit directly benefits the villages – Everlasting Tanzania do not make any profit from these cultural tours.


For multiple days encounters   you can also visit the equally fascinating hunter-gatherer Hadzabe tribe at Mbulu Highlands and Lake Eyasi.


There are many cultural experiences to choose from, and we strive to ensure that they are authentic and non-intrusive to the locals and not staged for the tourists.


Its possible to incorporates most of these cultural excursions in your Kilimanjaro Trek or Wildlife Safari.

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